Why bother come and live in South Africa: Well Here is Why.

I love my country who doesn’t really. I mean South Africa is really great place…At least if you from Africa, like I am. Unlike many an African babies, lucky baby Gift was born in Swaziland, as such never saw even half the things his other brothers saw. Swaziland is very stable…For some, almost stagnant. South Africa on the other is really quite the opposite. Here is why:

The political system.
Africa as a continent is a place of great uncertainty. This is even more so when politics come into the picture. People struggle for almost everything here. A political party that today promises freedom, will, a few years down the line not shy away from raw thievery of their country’s resources. Most of you will probably be quick to remind me of Zuma and Mbeki’s questionable dance steps when it come to money. Mbeki and Zuma are said to have benefited from the 1999 Arms deal…I personally do not know what to believe, especially because both of them denounce the accusations and do so very fiercely (read the Mail & Guardian of 17 April 2015). What I am trying to say is that while both Mbeki and Zuma are no saints, the political system of country is so transparent that it did not and-God help us-will not allow even the country’s president the president the luxury other African head of state enjoy. The luxury of hiding ones dirty small clothes. Go on and try this on the guys ruling Egypt for example.

Social well faire
I never knew of such a word; not whilst I was growing up on King Mswati’s land anyways. To the general public the word social well fare is taken to mean “ taking care of a state’s general public”. I do not want to admit this but the truth is that when it comes to this, Swaziland and yes, 90 percent of Africa’s countries lag far, far behind South Africa.

The state takes care of over fifty five million people! There are dustbins to be collected, bucket system toilets to drain, millions of water liters to be pumped (mostly free of charge) into peoples’ houses, millions upon millions of free RDP houses to be built, a great many, many schools to be built and maintained, a million strong public servant workforce to keep satisfied (with ridiculously high salaries mind you), a highly paid parliament, a bunch of, at times very unreasonable and demanding kings and some of the world’s most questionable leaders who seem to blunder every turn they get.
In short, this is the greatest well fare state I have ever come to know. The country has one of world’s best social welfare systems in the world, as such it receives a great many Swazi, Sotho, Zimbabwean, and Mozambican people coming in to settle in the country.

Compared to the rest of the world, South Africa is a business heaven. It boost of a great many number of things that are-if not lacking-are quiet not there in the rest of Africa. It boosts of a first world infrastructure, a good monetary system, fair tax practice, a variety of natural resources, well trained labor force that competes well with that of the first world’s countries. The policies are favorable to starting, maintaining and competing with other businesses: be it you do so internally or externally. This is all made possible because the country is run on the shoulders of a well conserved, upheld and unchanging (for the past twenty one years at least) constitution that protects the law from manipulation by the people. In my country even kings get prison sentences. What then is a president?
One other thing that pulls Africans to South Africa is that for many an African people, this country is not just a lump of dirt on which millions of people live; it is also a gate way to doing business not only with Africa but also the rest of the world.

The people
There are 55 Million people living and working in South Africa:
78% are black
10% are white
9% are colored
2.5% are Indian
Between us are the following languages;
Sesotho saLeboan9.2%
Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga, Afrikaans 14,4%
English 8.6%
IsiNdebele, isiXhosa 17.9%
IsiZulu 22.9
And we also follow the following religions (or is it faiths); Christianity- some mixed with traditional African religion, Traditional African religion, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish, Rastafarism and many more.

Tell me then, who wouldn’t want to come live with us? With all these things to offer who wouldn’t want to come here, and why would we not want to share?
For more of a lay man’s perspective on Africa, South Africa, Swaziland and the tradition and/culture of especially the above two (the Kingdom of Swaziland and the Republic of South Africa), please visit http://www.dearjehovah.wordpress.com or http://www.masiza4000.blogspot.com .
Oh and before you come visit us please take note of the following;
-you need a valid visa, passport or, in the case of Swazis, a travelling document to lawfully enter the country.
-the passport or any of the above should not be in risk of invalidity for at least a period of three months.
-The state will give you fourteen to thirty stay days, visas may take longer than three months to even up to three years depending on the type of visa specified.

Thanks for reading!


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