How the Average American Man’s Body Compares to Others Around The World

Let man do the weight suffering for once.
Come on guys where do you fit here?


Pittsburgh-based digital artist Nickolay Lamm was on vacation in Catalonia, Spain, last year when he noticed something. “I think I’m being objective when I say that a lot of the people were just very fit,” he says. At least more fit than what he saw back home. And so Lamm decided to dive into body measurement statistics collected by organizations like the CDC to create models that represent the physique of the average man from different countries.

“Basically, I wanted to represent how we as a country are a little overweight when it comes to other countries,” he says. “Obesity is a huge issue, it costs our health care industry so much money, so I just wanted to create a simple way to illustrate something people probably know in the back of their minds, they just haven’t seen it all laid out so clearly.”

Nickolay Lamm

While the images first…

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From a son of Cush to the sons of Japhet who have forgotten their sins against us and now see us animals

In the days of the Old new age

People: sons of Noah of Adam

Found themselves a thoughtful greedy

But lazy people of power

For muscle and profit

They saw it fit, wise and righteous

To separate, look down and mark us

The sons of Cush son of Ham, son of Adam;

They took Canaan’s, our brother’s curse

Married it with our father’s gift

Our mark, our blessing our pride

The sons of Gog and Magog stiffened their necks away

From the truth, the light and the sun

And in front of God, angels man and devil

Took away our pride, our knowledge

Our history our, dignity and our humanity.

Our children no longer know who they are

Man’s science reminds them

Man’s mind decides against what is.

They the sons of Adam our father

Made us forget that we are sons of the first kings and queens of all living man.
We black men were leached: our minds put away and our muscles enslaved to the will of our brothers the Japhetites.
They took us, our best to work in their lands,
In their houses we dangled our nakedness
Whipped to tartars our backs were
Drilled to phi-dogs our minds were…
A dead people we were.
Our land Africa taken
Our inheritance stolen

We are the old people,

The sons of Cush

Builders of the first Kingdoms among man,

Moulders of the first and greatest of Empires;

We built Babel,

We built both Meroe and Egypt

Egypt the land of Ham is full of us

For it is our fatherland

Ethiopia is full of us

For it is our prince,

The main House

The House of Cush;

A refuge to the sons of Abraham son, of Shem son of Noah, the last of Adam;

In this house lies Haile Selassie; last of the house of Judah

But all these has been made nothing,

Our memory of it is snatched away and given to those of white skin

The Sphinx stands a dump nose less witness of our times

And Nubia the source of all men’s gods or gold but One,

Remains silenced;
The source of all knowledge learnt from both God and Daemons bloated out,

Our history no longer ours.

And our knowledge, glory mark and pride

A mockery to us.

We are a people left loveless

A people whose essence, humanity the image of God is no longer known.

Animals we are

They made it.

Yet today they are brave enough to stand up, point at us and

Laugh their shameless hearts out as if they have had no hand

In this monster’s creation;

Behaviour modification well applied rarely fails.

We have had only 250 years to reclaim 7000 years of who we are
And because of only two tumbles
They today stand and mock us the sons of Cush.
A house punished for no curse of their own but whose sin is to the eye of man being Black; our gift, our mark, our pride.

Please remember that among the whites were a moral people fiercely who opposed slavery in all its forms…We often forget this.