I can’t love her and she can’t love me back


She’s here and I feel bad about it…I like her and I feel bad about it

I cant get enough of her…her flaws and all.

My soul will sink the day she leaves.


Besides being scared of girls

Really scared,

She happens to particularly scare

The living shit out of me.

The sad thing is she happens to be of the same surname

As is that of my mothers.


Oh bother.

All that considered,

Is not enough to stop me

Thinking about her,

She suddenly is the centre of my dreams,

The cradle of my thoughts

Fountain of my weakness,

My strength,

My soul,

My life,


Source of my sadness,

The stake through this,

My heart

Cause we can’t be with each other.

Even if she would happen to

Like me back.


Oh bother.

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