The head ache born of the terms girlfriend,love and the sex contract

Of late I’ve been pondering over the idea of getting myself a girlfriend.

But before I get to commerce on the subject, I think I will have to first negotiate a number of questions;

One of them is, exactly what does the concept girlfriend mean, what does it entail? To a three and four year old this wouldn’t be hard to figure out, it simply means a girl who’s a friend, that’s all. To a fifteen year old the definition changes and gets itself charged with emotional undertones and way too many uncertainties one has to be sure of first before even considering dignifying the poor naughty question with an answer socially.

Basically, for an innocent fifteen year old, the term girlfriend means a girl who is a friend not only socially but also because of love- a concept I still find hard to understand.

The reason for such hardship in connection to love brought by this questions; what is love really? Does it have any rules, are these rules really applicable and really, is this not just a glorified form of sex contract?

I,over the benefit of not risking a head ache, decided to settle the last question by settling with what I think is the basic answer; One can never truly tell but I do think to some extent (big or small ) it a form of a sex contract  coined for the benefit of some kind, for some party at the expense of some poor party. It just so happens the terms complicate themselves when used together…or dear.


The answer is simple…only you have to find it on your own.

Girlfriends will have to wait for now.





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