Dear Jehovah: It is women’s day today


I have to write this.

I have a problem with teachers. You see, teacher tend to do things I fail to understand.


A few weeks ago, Times Of Swaziland released an article about one sorry faced teacher who got himself disposed of work because he was caught enjoying himself on top of an unlucky young girls body; living his horrid dreams away.

How is such possible? There have been incest, child-adult/sugar mama/daddy’s explanations and theories too but in all these, I have not yet come across one explanation explaining this.

How exactly does a grown man bridge his human instincts and become an animal (for lack of a better word) to actually dance away his lust on top of a girl child’s body, reap her off of her innocence and sense of security. Violate the instincts that make a man out you?! 


God help us…No mercy needed.


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