Empty Chairs (Don’t You Dare Sit Down)

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The Fickle Heartbeat

empty chairs

Shared by Miss Parisia B.

Doors stretch wide open daring you to come in. The room is filled with an endless amount of chairs.

We enter in. Our first memory.

Each time we enter we try a different seat. The first day we sat on embrace. It held us and comforted us. It showed us both what it felt like to be touched by someone you love. And when we got up we still felt every embrace. It still replays. The next day we sat in friendship. It was fun. It brought us laughter and hope. We got so close it was equivalent to approaching the sun. Every advancement grew hotter and friendship melted away. When we returned to those daring doors, we had no choice but to sit in love. When we sat down it was a different chair. No chair like we had ever been in…

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