Heartbeat: So Long My Loveless Romance

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The Fickle Heartbeat

So long my loveless romance.

Shared by Veronica.

So long my loveless romance,
I guess I’ll throw away the flowers he never gave me.
I suppose I’ll burn the pictures we never took together.
I’ll probably spend numerous sleepless nights thinking of all the kind things he never said to me.
I’ll try to forget the way he didn’t fight for me, try to deny that I was never the only one.

The hookup culture has never really appealed to me but when someone so compatible to myself came alone I figured I’d give him a chance. I knew he was only looking for fun, I knew he didn’t want to commit to me or be my boyfriend, but I went with it anyways. The second time we went out together I told him before we even finalized plans that I wasn’t going to hook up with him, and he said that was fine…

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