Youth day; your success, my failure

I was never a person

Of pomp

Never in my short life

Have I ever become

Elated of spirit

All for the sake

Of pomp.

I hate these…

I hate this country

And I hate these,

My people.

It is June sixteen


The day my forever

Age mate died.

It is June sixteen


The day my forever

To remain father

Was made.

It is my day of failure

This day

My day of success.

It is my day of joy

This day,

My day of disappointment

I the son of Mathonga-Ntunga

Am nothing today,

I the son of Mathonga-Nguni

Am a shadow today

I the son of Ndaba kaMalandela

Am a pi-dog today.

You died for nothing my brother.

You died for nothing my dearest father.

This your sweat and blood amounted to murder and pain,

My mother cries daily

My father sees me not

My family loves me no more

My lover loves to leave

And my friends die with me

Her appeals meant nothing;

I chose to run to the bed of

My death

My freedom is for drugs and rape

My room for sex and death

My brain for fornication and abuse

My genitalia for pain and pain only

My hands for rot and furry

I run to pleasure and inflicting pain.

I know no value of conscience nor God:

He is a prison warder for me,

He is not my power but is my weakness

He is a vengeful fable of a child’s doll she calls a God


A living, thinking and rational being such as I am

Is in need of no God but himself!

I need not the God of my fathers

I need not the God of my oppressor

I need not this person who for 400 years forgot me.

His inexistence from this my mind

Is my freedom,

My freedom to steal, rape, hate and inflict pain.

My liberty to ignore education and own grand mother’s cry

My freedom to uneducate and murder this, my own son,

Starve her to death.

Let him eat or die with the dogs

Rot this my pain

Kill this my society

Murder this my own country

And scatter this my own people

I the son of my father’s black house.

This my country is my freedom

This my forever young age mate is my liberty

This my dearest father is why you died.

What then makes you believe

I love my country

All I do is show her hate.

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