So Mr Malema has decided to part with the Western suit

So Mr Malema has decided to part with the Western suit and become the Betty and Joe of the house huh?!

Well good for him, oh and maybe me.

The former ANC firebrand, Mr. Julius Malema: leader of the now in parliament party EFF has actually really succeeded in doing the politically impossible. He is now officially amongst the very few new breed politicians who have kept and remained true to his words- and will. He is, as from today (the twenty first of May 2014) back not only in politics but right into parliament. I mean; life literally stripped the poor fellow naked and almost nameless. Now his got himself a cool party (the red barrettes) a great, comfortable and very warm and sort after government sit that will earn what every man wants most: the ability and opportunity to be heard.

He and his party members have two very full of meaning uniforms. The army (open to interpretation) wares the signature red barrette on a green overall uniform, meaning they are very ready for a long-friendly- political war. And the Member of Parliament ware red overalls, some heavy duty shoes- I would ware gumboots oh and the ladys: they wear good old kitchen servant clothes, complete with a duke and an apron.

All red I tell you.

I cannot help but think the EFF is actually sending a heavier message than ‘we are here in parliament to serve the people’. Well…Bettina and Joseph, It is well about time you get into parliament…Do what Betty and Joe do well.

I have been sick the past two months, I am sorry I have not been able to post.

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Being human is funny.

Being human is funny.

I have been asking, wishing, seeking and praying to be human ever since the year 2007. My father is sick. Ever since he got ill, things have never become normal. They have in deed fallen into place but never ever went to being normal. Not ever again.

We are a small family. My big sister moved out and actually left the house and all its troubles…us included. Mom and dad and my little sister are all that’s left. We were normal once but it never happened that, since father got ill we ever were able to get ourselves back to normal. Of course ‘normal’, the word , is a word very open to interpretation and is therefore full of emotional under tones and a whole lot of this big word they call subjectivity. My reference to and use of the word normal is, in light of this conditions a very conditional word and thus, a word so pregnant that it has led me and my poor lazy hands to write about it in relation to myself and my family.

Of all God given things I stand human. Full of flaws, sins and a whole lot of blame. I aspire for humanness to become more human by and through doing more good to both myself and to the world. Ever since I got into grade eleven and twelve, I discovered a side to my humanness. That I too like many other a young and indeed an old man am void of the one capacity that will and surely does make human of a great many a rich man. The matter is not that I am or was not already human. It is rather, that without money-translation= power, I, along with many a people younger and older am not human. Society demands and only sees me human only through and by my having money and therefore some power of leverage for or against and against some of its masses.

My family is not rich. But we would be in the olden days. You see, to the old people blood meant everything. It meant prestige, protection and luck. It meant power might and right. What you had and deserved was not because of your earnings of it-in whatever way- but was yours first by divine right and then honor. In short we were born human. We were human from the day we were born. Not the day we earned power. The danger with becoming human after you earn power is that power itself becomes human and not you. Unlike the word normal, the word human is not dependent on prevailing conditions, like power. Rather the prevailing conditions and therefore power is very much dependent on it.

The matter here is then, If I do everything in my power to live up to the concept ‘human being’ I will therefore will always remain and will be human. Even when society shuns itself away from it for the sake of power and glory.

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There are things we human really hope never to ever come across

There are things we human really hope never to ever come across. It is an easy thing to be rich-considering that there some who are as ever born with it. A silver spoon in my mouth is a blessing. Yes, it is never an easy thing to come bye but it is one of the most easiest things to live with.

There are harder things to do. Try dying for instance.

It is not among the things I have found pleasure thinking about. Death is acceptable as the end product. What often scares me is the process of dying rather than the actual end product of the dying process, When one is dead, there is to my mind at least, certainty to the state one is in when dead. The Christian folk and my people-ancestral worshipers by nature-are a people believing that the dead are in fact not dead but alive, only in a different plane…one where angels and demons or simply, spirits live, work and co-exist with one another in love and war. This arrangement is, I believe the dominant religious theme world over. I cannot help but feel rather not at all at ease with this believe. To me it rather feels like a rather clever trick of either the mind or society used to try and deny if not hide the truth. We are a dying people, in death there exist no love, war or pain. There is instead a deep slumber: in it there exist no thought or feeling. It is void of everything but non-existence. This is death, this according both science and the book of Ecclesiastics is what awaits the dead. It is what awaits me when finally the process of dying finaly achieves death. God help me for I do believe I will as Jah promised our father and mother, Adam and Eve, once again arise from the soil and have my life rekindled and burning bright.

In short, I would rather end up dead than alive and struggling in a world full of pain a people full of miss-trust. All said I am grateful Jehovah did give me a good life: a good family. There are indeed worse things.