A Broken Mirror

Have you ever found yourself

Not only angry with life

But also angry with yourself

Do you not only know

But live

Have lived

A life not of your own

But a distant character

Devoid of breath

Ever wondered why it is

That you are not only

Capable of getting where you want to

But are capable of changing

Any a part of who you are

But find yourself not

For you have no hand

To reach that button

Remember that time

When you failed to button your shirt

While to your dismay

Your mates had theirs buttoned so quickly

And neatly you rage with anger even now,

You are trying all you can

But your strength amounts to waste.

You fear high hopes

They to you

Are a burden you no longer can carry,


You have pieced together

A broken mirror

Only to find it irreversibly


You’ve all the support you need

But are as naked

As an old dog,


Many a souls know this

We people have been this

We gods still are.

Things change

Seasons change

And the moon sets.

Stand or fall;

It is your choice.


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