You know you are black when:

You know you are black when:
1, u re-use rama containers as
2, if u kip da sme toothbrush for
ovr 6 months
3, when you have fancy plates u
keep in da
”room divide” that wil nvr cum
out even if
jesus myt cum bak
4, whe u re-use ur old washing
towels as scrob
5, whn u use orange sack as
back scrab
6, when u re-use old pantyhose
as doek 4 ur
7, when u cal all coldrinks ‘coke’
8, when u call al toothpaste
9, whn u cal all plastic bags
10, whn u arive at a friend’s birthday party without a present or anything else to help out.
11. You fear the comb for a) pain when combing your hair b) the light stingy pain it delivers on your buttocks should you do wrong
12. Fetch the stick for your own very hell of punishment strokes
13. Pat your head instead of scratching when it itches.
14. Dance when picketing.
15.Have rice or porrige with eggs
16.Make fashion events out of funerals
18.Spend 60% of your salary on things concerned with the dead.


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