AmaZulu-The people of Heaven

Ama-Zulu,People of The Heavens are a
Nguni people found mostly in KwaZulu-
Natal,South Eastern Africa.You may
have speckles of them in Zimbabwe and
in modern day Mozambique.
Zulus are quite the proudest and most
known people of all the Nguni.Unlike
the Swazi their toungue is much more
fluid and easier on the Ds(as is
American English).This makes them-I
think-a lot more eloquent speakers
(believe me,true Swazi toungue is quite
noble).They have lost most of their
tradition and customs due to the trying
times they have experienced over the
years.One such is the Rule of King
Shaka.He abadoned-for example-male
circumcision,because it hinderd with his
regiments performance in battle.
I am not sure how the other customs
went away but Im certain that
Umhlanga and Ukweshwama(Incwala-
Ritual of the first fruit) disapeard
becuase of constant war through the
ages.I would not be fair if I do not
mention the effects of Apartheid(segre
gation) as it profoundly forced the Zulu
to be rid of trational clothing.Many
would rather make skirty trousers e.t.c
to replace the need for Animal skins.To
my dismay:you may also notice that at
this moment we Nguni are not losing
good tradition but our toungues
too.English is slowly but surely taking
over as king.
I hope to soon write more on this
people.Comment is welcome.


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