South Africa: My Lady

I love South Africa. It is not just an
ancestral home but it in truth a country
I would love to think of as a project
worth investing in.
There people however who forget that
this is not just a project.There are
peoples lives,feelings and stregnths
entour here. My greatest of troubles
comes to no greater view than when
one sits down and gets brave enough to
watch or listen to the countries news.
A horrid experience I tell you-a bit
commical at times and well quite down
right awe inspiring. There are accidents
every where,people are hungry and
poverty driven crime is evrywhere.
Some of us can’t even sleep properly
because of it.
What gets to me the most is we all see
these,yet when we talk we see ignorant
enough to romanticise the whole thing.
You here nicknames like
Ingwenya,inkunzi and silwane right
after horrible stories on raped,buchered
and disembowed women who had
nothing to do with the dog but smile at it
from afar. They will then ask you what
on earth was she doing going out at
night wearing nothing but skimpy tops
and skirts?
Is it her fault your sense of sexual
inhibition is but that of a scaled bum
street dog?
I think not.
A few are messing my beloved country
so bad We all look bad.