The South Africa my Pride must Build

Dear Jehovah 07/02/14

Although some would like it not so, the year 1994 was a great and memorable year for South Africa. Nelson Mandela-who by then had actually become a president of the people had come out of prison to vote-much to many an enemy’s dismay-and become the country’s first really democratic president and a sure beacon of hope to many my fathers’ people. A great many promises of great idealistic fundamentalists and thinkers were made. Made to a people lost in not just grief but in pride culture and therefore in thought too.

It is true. The South Africa my father’s come back to is far better than the South Africa we heard of in the news and visited every once or twice each year. My people are living a dream I tell you. We have water in our houses, we watch T.V daily like the white man, our mothers and fathers are equals in every sphere of life you might dare compare them in, our lagging behind township schools are beginning to prove themselves a threat to the high end business oriented white private schools we so desperately loved and hated while we were growing up. Oh and not to forget that we own suburban homes and huge enterprises that are rivalling American brands and corporations like would kindergartens on a playground and yes, the richest man alive in South Africa is blacker than the average suite wearing black head on the street. LOL, I bet they wouldn’t miss a chance were they to have his flat nosed bungles of joy. Oh no! All these included…I can’t help but feel as there is something missing.

I grew up in Swaziland. Though we seem simple, I assure you, we not. Why else is it that we, even under this much stress remain a people with their king in a world where so much seem so dependent on this American advertised democracy. Well the answer is simple; we know who we are. Simply put: a Swazi with no king is no Swazi at all. We are a headless people without the king dear and we would be nowhere without one. The King-bad as he might be- is the people’s pride…And with pride comes a whole lot of goodies. It is kind of like an Englishman with his Queen. You see, pride is and means everything. Pride will always push a person-male or female-to his most artful of creativity. I’ve seen it do its magic…What do you think carried the Germans into taking over the world-well almost-in world war two, what on earth do you think drove Tokyo into World War Two, the destruction of their dear beautiful old mother Tokyo and into today’s 3rd most beautiful city to ever grace the earth. Look at South Africa; who on earth would have ever thought this, my newlywed country of origin would-within a matter of 200 years have railway lines, tar roads, green-graped suburbs, corporations, top notch airlines, ships, cars, trucks, road networks, Universities, skills, teachers, philosophers, thinkers’ inventers, laws, its rule and government that inspire a whole continent and indeed the world into realizing of change and the possibilities posed to come with it?! You would have never thought such a thing possible but, yes it has happened and hear we are a little over two hundred years latter to prove it.

Pride is not just pride. It is a tool! It nurtures the soul, necessitates individuality, personality, initiation, originality and the most important of all, creativity. It is the basic element behind any a man or women’s personality and being. It is the spark of our humanity, the reason why we are! Without it are nowhere. The sooner my people realize and act on this; the better this, my father’s people will become. Pride necessitates progress economically and even socially. One person with enough pride is a formidable foe! You cannot hope to take candy from this baby. For example: it was not till a new breed of political activist appeared in South Africa that the Apartheid regime realised the threat of going forth with their way of governance. It was not till man like Steve Biko let their pride steer their selves that they re-affirmed their till then beaten down and dormant humanity. It is not till Manndela and my fathers’ generation were steered to let their pride speak that this country, this giant of a people finally woke up and brought the slave driver to his knees. Pride breaks mountains, without it we have no progress, no possibility for a better tomorrow, no fire, nothing. Quite simply: we are dead.

If South Africa is to ever be a rich peaceful nation, its people must once again conjure their pride and let it work for them. Strength, initialisation, individuality, creativity, productivity and righteousness based on pride is the only ticket out. With these we shall have both peace and good lady prosperity.

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Without you

I try to sleep
Without your hand
I try to close these mine eyes
Without your lips
Carasing my heart
Without your beat
Calming this my soul;
Helping me
Bringing me bliss,
Singing softy,
Ever so softly
Ever so tenderly.
I try to dream you,
I imagine you;
Envision you
But soon run out of stregnth
Finding someone like you is futile
You are every thing to me
Your love is my drug
Your smile my eleaxer
And your hand my life.
Should you decide to
I’ll die.